5 Traits of Ideal Icons for a Website

What do you do to check the items you added to your shopping cart on eBay? You click on the ‘shopping cart’ icon on the top right corner. You need not look for anything else to find where it is. And this is the reason icons are so important in web design.

Iconography is a vast field that covers numerous little images and their interpretations. And it isn’t easy to come up with the right icons for a site. Many web designers aren’t sure about which ones to use and which ones to discard.

It need not be so difficult; with a little attention to details, it is possible to create icons that suit their purpose and also work well with the entire design of the website. Here are the things you need to focus on to create the right signs for your site.

iOS icons

10 Inspirational Uses of Pink in Web Design

Pink Website Designs

Pink isn’t just for baby girls, candy floss and flamingos. Pink can be a bold statement when used well and with good design, and easily circumvent the stereotypes associated with the colour. Not only is pink a warm, sensuous and romantic colour, it is bright, affirmative and friendly, and can really bring a design to life. Here are 10 examples of websites that have made a strong and tasteful use of pink to make their pages stand out from the crowd.

Stunning Macro Photography by Ondrej Pakan

Ondrej Pakan, from Myjava, Slovakia, captures stunning macro photos of bugs covered in tiny water droplets. Pakan actually sits in the rain, waiting for the downpour to end, then snaps these amazing shots of his insect models only seconds after the rain stops.

Here are some of the beautiful macro photographs captured by Ondrej Pakan.